When going through a divorce, it’s important to have professional and thorough legal representation to attain your specific goals and ensure a favorable outcome in the various disputes you may be having with your ex-spouse. Garnering more than 15 years of experience in divorce cases of all kinds and levels, Adam Stein, Attorney & Counselor at Law is the perfect partner for you in these tough times. Adam Stein focuses on providing sound legal advice and guiding you throughout the process of marriage dissolution, helping you pinpoint your goals and finding a legal basis for your claims. In many cases, through meticulous work and extensive usage of legal knowledge, cases can be settled outside of court, by coming to an agreement with the other involved parties. If the case goes to court, our divorce attorney will represent you in all matters, ensuring a smooth legal process and building your case towards the favorable outcome.

What Will I Receive?

We know that divorce cases can be difficult and emotions may run high, especially when child custody, alimony or large tangible assets are in question. That’s why our divorce attorneys and divorce lawyers go the extra mile and in addition to providing professional legal representation also ensure emotional support and guidance throughout the ordeal. As a result, Adam Stein, Attorney & Counselor at Law is your perfect partner in all aspects of a divorce case, from initial communication with the other party, to case building and legal argumentation in a court of law.

Adam Stein, Attorney & Counselor at Law provides full package divorce attorney services, from start to finish. The process starts with preliminary investigation and the evaluation of goals. From there, realistic objectives will be set as favorable outcomes in the divorce case. As family law differs greatly from state to state, it’s worth noting that our divorce lawyers are well versed and specialized in Georgia law, which enables us to pinpoint specific legal grounds for achieving each objective set during the preliminary talks.

From there, the divorce may be contested, with the other party refusing the marriage dissolution, whereby the case will be moved to a court of law. Regardless of whether the divorce filing is contested or not, you will be fully represented by Adam Stein, Attorney & Counselor at Law in all discussions and hearings pertaining to the case, including all of the following cases:

Where Can I Be Represented by a Professional Divorce Attorney?

Adam Stein, Attorney & Counselor at Law is proud to offer clients full package services of a divorce attorney.

How to Start the Divorce Process?

While we understand emotions may be running high, especially if child custody or asset division is going to be disputed by the other party, it’s important to remain cool-headed during the marriage dissolution process. Our professional divorce attorneys provide extensive legal advice and representation.

With Adam Stein, Attorney & Counselor at Law, the marriage dissolution process will be executed by the best standards from start to finish. Together, we’ll achieve your goals in the divorce.

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